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Thread: Mercedes SLR Replica

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    Mercedes SLR Replica

    Heres a SLR replica gone bad it has the wrong demensions, Wrong doors, and pipes So what do you think about his replica?

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    Re: Mercedes SLR Replica

    the builder is from poland, and it's been awhile somewhere in the forum. anyway, no one able to get contact with the builder so... no slr replica offer to the public....

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    Re: Mercedes SLR Replica

    That is a beautiful car and it is in metal! Do you know how big of an accomplishment that is? It may not look exactly like an slr but it certainly looks like something that could have come straight out of the mercedes factory. The interior looks fantastic.

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    Re: Mercedes SLR Replica

    The point is, it can be done, it could be done better, yes, but like was previously said, DARN GOOD what this guy did...

    lets see someone take it to the next level and make it proper!

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