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Thread: difficulties to import a kit?

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    I guess you have got enough help in this regard. Such kind of items can be accessed via craigslist portals as well. Try to visit them for once

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    Hello folks
    There are almost 2 day passed since i have started with this kit.I
    would like to write some simple programms in C for my 16F690.I have
    discovered that the only C compiler that fully supports my
    microcontroller is sdcc.So I have installed it, and i have tried the
    code you have posted here.At compilation I get a lot of warnings,but
    no eror.I convert the ihx file to hex and the when I try to import the
    hex into programmer I get the message: Warning No configuration word
    found in hex file.After I have written the hex into program memory I
    get the message "Verify failed".
    I have compared the hex file created after compilation with the hex
    file posted on this thread by Mark and they are different.I wonder why
    since the source file is the same.I suppose that the my version of
    sdcc(2.6.0 ) is different from his.When I load the hex file he posted
    here,it works, and the leds are blinking.
    I would like to know if there is anyone else who had this problem.Any
    help would be appreciated.

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    Even after all these years this thread is still great help! Thanks for posting

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    help with getting kit car

    Someone please help. I'm trying to get a 430 kit from UK to US. I have had a hard time even getting a hold of kit makers. I couldn't get through on dna website and my phone message was not returned.I took a stab at facebook and got ahold of someone. Unfortunately,the person on the other end is not very forthcoming and I'm starting to wonder if I'm really dealing with dna at all. Oh and of course money transfer is their preferred method of payment.

    Also, Drew if you need help I am more than willing to give you advice.
    I'm not willing to import it for you though as I don't want to get into 'supply' for tax and other reasons which I can PM you about.

    If you are really serious, I can help you as I have all the forms you need for a DNA kit and know the correct boxes to tick.

    To import depends on the price of the kit you import (It's between 1 and 3% tax) and then customs clearance and shipping agent fee. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't add up to much. I can look up what I paid if that's any help.[/QUOTE]

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    useful tips!
    thanks so much for sharing them.
    Graduated from Soran University with First Class Degree with Honours in Computer Science.

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    HI all

    IF you check the internet you will find that the Diablo wheelbase is close enuff to a Ferrari 458 to maybe warrant using the Lambo chassis....

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    Difficulty in importing a kit depends on the requirements needed. Sometimes its the policy that has not been met can cause its delay.

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    Thanks for useful answers!

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    The cost of importing kits, especially from China have dramatically increased. It is best to search for your kit on maybe Craigslist, or Ebay. There are still many kit builders in the USA. Let's give us Americans the business.

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    Yokogawa/KIT data-import tutorial; this failed because our MEG160 software does not have a menu item for either “BESA Binary Export” or “Third Party Export” or anything that resembles the description in the tutorial (though it does have an ordinary BESA Export option for files such as *.sfp). We called Yokogawa to ask about this (as recommended by the tutorial), but they no longer support the MEG system or the MEG160 software and insist that the only way to obtain support for the system or software is to write a (snail-mail) letter to a separate company in Japan.

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