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Thread: Guys, where is the EV thread???

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    Guys, where is the EV thread???

    Guys, where is the EV thread???

    where is the post been to? black ops deleted it? or moderator move it some where else?

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    Re: Guys, where is the EV thread???


    I for one am truely sorry to see it move away. I enjoyed the refreshing new concepts of building an EV.

    Please feel free to post any news as you receive it.


    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: Guys, where is the EV thread???

    Dude!!!! ??? ??? ???
    What is it with you!!!! It took me a year to understand how to get to this site and now your pointing me elsewhere???? Don't be selfish OPS. Shove those who don't want EV down the sunny road and give us the wrap here!!! We love you OPS, don't be a party pooper! ;D

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    Guys, where is the EV thread???

    Black Ops,
    I am very grateful for having met you here and you opened my eyes to the potential Kit Cars have as EV's. As time goes on, ICE kit cars will eventually be phased out and our hope for the future is to embrace Electric. I say this having been in the AMC muscle car hobby for 20+ years and currently I own 20+ V-8 engines, but alas, the writing is on the wall. Every news channel I get talks more about the price of gas than any other issue, including Iraq, health care, border security, etc. I am sorry there are some silly posters giving you are hard time, because they will cling to the past, while the rest of us end up building electric kit cars faster than you can say "$5 a gallon".
    Tom Dulaney

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    Re: Guys, where is the EV thread???

    I am working on building an EV. I have decided to go green with my next build I think more people are going to go this way very soon. I just wish I had started it before I started the Turbo car.

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    Re: Guys, where is the EV thread???

    Hey guys, looks like my first post here. I have been reading over the EV thread as well and trying to understand everything about the system. I think EV is a great idea for some kit cars. I donít see why no one is bringing up building a custom hybrid though. I am in the process of designing my car (Working on yet another body iteration) and have been pondering possible power trains. I, like most people it seems on this forum, love the sound of a motor, but I do still want to try and do my part for cutting down on my CO2 footprint.

    I guess what I am asking is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Be quick, loud, AND efficient? Say a small motor is used such as the Hayabusa motor, under light load it gets an ok gas economy, what if this were mated to the civic hybrid electric motor system to help with extra torque down low and boost fuel economy? I know its much more complicated than this, but why arenít middle ground ideas like this being thrown around instead of the only choices being a V-# gas guzzler or a quiet electric car? On top of this there seem to be many people on this forum and other than have or have access to CNC machines that can possibly machine the parts needed quite cheaply, and there are many awesome modelers/designers on here to design what is needed as well.

    I am very interested in what you guys think about something such as this.

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    Re: Guys, where is the EV thread???

    black ops, yup i am in the diy forum.... remembered? we use to talk bout the lexus there.

    i was just wondering... no doubt this is a kit car forum? kit car means a kit for a car? whereby u can use any engine in it? who said... u must run a petrol engine in a kit car?

    ops started the thread to let ppls know more bout EV so.. if somehow .. u get a nice kit .. u can modded it to run with electric or solar.. who knows?

    do u still think that ppls will stick to the point of 6L twin turbo when the oil beyond 200/300 USD for a barrel? maybe some will.. but at least i wont....

    as what DNA use to said.... their hardwork and result started from dreaming?

    so what's wrong if someone intend to build a kit car f430 or lp640 which is EV based?

    anyway, just my 0.02cents..... thx ops... at least i knew where to find u now.. hahahaha

    best regards

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    Re: Guys, where is the EV thread???

    AMC already had an electric car. Always ahead of their time...the 1967 3 passenger AMC Armitron electric car prototype.

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