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Thread: Mew Murci Replica listing on E-Bay

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    Mew Murci Replica listing on E-Bay

    Here is a new listing for a Murci Replica on E-Bay:

    My opinion:
    Tires are 20 x12 rear and 20 x 9 1/2 front. :
    Pontiac Firebird / Camaro Suspension :
    Does have an engine pushing 325 HP (Big Plus) ;D ;D
    Interior - Not too many pictures but from what I can see the interior is shotty, bad leather wrapping, aftermarker seats that look nothing like OEM, terrible looking pod.
    Gas cap on drivers side.
    Does have OEM headlights and grills (except no grills on the rear deck)
    Bat wings do work
    Windows do not go up or down. (Was told you could remove them in 3 mnutes ??? ???)
    No top
    He had it listed in November for $45k , I guess no bites but now realizes with the current economy he would let it go for $39k (that means one may get it for $35k)
    Registered as: '87 PONTRK (I guess that means Pontiac Remanufactrured Kit) in N.J. and said it was also regfistered in Minnesota before.
    Might be worth a look if you were on the East Coast... But would need more $$ put into it to make it look REAL GOOD.

    Like many builds... it looks good from afar but far from good. 8)

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    Re: Mew Murci Replica listing on E-Bay

    from the outside this is a real head turner ,but after looking inside it leaves a lot to be desired ,this car need about $7500.00 worth of work inside ,some wheel well liners an a roof ,this would complete it
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    Re: Mew Murci Replica listing on E-Bay

    Very nice! Same outlaw shop that just(or is) building me a custom wing for my mustang coupe? I am the one that ordered the full lenght outlaw wing(like you guys put on that orange coupe) but I ordered it with no struts as I made some out of billet aluminum instead.
    Not sure if chris told you or not, but I am actually going for the 5 speed record(stands at 8.99) using my 90 ex police car, custom DR spec 80mm turbo, stroked windsor and mmr900 TKO, fully suspended(stock type) etc... LOL, trade for yours? I gotta get me one of those in my garage!

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