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Thread: Why kits?

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    Why kits?

    I am a designer that has just recently graduated Art Center College of Design and while I am in talks with OEMs, I am also doing free lance work since I have some time.

    An avid racer and sports car enthusiast, I was toying with the idea of contacting kit car manufacturers and doing ORIGINAL cars on tubular spaceframe chassis.

    Just curious but would this be appealing to anyone? Instead of "faking the funk" with a Fiero and a beautiful exterior that is already in production, would any of you consider a beautiful original design?

    *Since performance SHOULD be the selling point, I would only be interested in spaceframe or monocoque chassis. I would not want to use a donor car. The type of designs could range from an exotic to a small Lotus-type of vehicle (dear to me).

    Please, offer up ANY suggestions or comments you guys might have. I have designs that are in both 3d physical models that are scan-ready and 3d Alias .wire files that are mill-ready. As well as, of course 2d work that I have not built models for...

    I guess I have seen some people "selling" rights to a design on here. How common is this, and what sort of interest is there for that? I have been thinking more like doing contract work for the manufacturers.


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    Re: Why kits?

    Beware of who you show what around here or your liable to loose your designs and see them down your street!!!! Always good to know there are new designers in the block, and I believe your craft is well sought after. Be careful with spec work and go light with prices and I'm sure you will stir up interest and extra work. Now, if you charge a million bucks just to show a design, you came to the wrong forum. Copyright your portfolio and send it to DAVE AKAFUNNYWHEELS). Im sure he will be glad to post your work. Welcome!

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    Re: Why kits?

    Thanks for the post. Who is "Dave"? As in... does he hold some sort of position of importance here?

    Yes, I am curious about this. portfolios and all work of designers are intellectual property, which is protected and hold up in court. Any stolen designs are definitely grounds for legal action. I would much rather deal with people personally, not out in the open public for everyone to "steal" like you say. For this reason my portfolio is not publically viewable anywhere on the 'net.

    Maybe once Car Design News posts up their coverage of my grad show, I can use that kind of stuff to peak people's interest. I think my stuff has been posted on some blogs before, come to think of it...

    Ok... So what's the standard procedure for this type of work here?

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    Re: Why kits?

    dave aka funnywheels is
    1. A moderater top dog
    2. the most trusted
    3. Very experianced

    The problem isnt a case holding up in court... it catching these guys.. the scammers he speaks of are pros at disapearing
    good luck


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    Re: Why kits?

    Ok, thanks for the direction you guys.

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    Re: Why kits?

    There is interest for original designs and not all but many people on this forum are interested in performance (I am), so welcome.

    Why not put an insane number of watermarks all over your photo, so we get a look of it, but its nearly impossible to copy it? Unless they re-constructed it from the begining.

    If anyone has any interest in what the performance of tubular framed cars can be please check out youtube videos of the Noble M12 or the M400 I one video the Noble M400 stays neck and neck with a porsche carrera GT....enough said..

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    Re: Why kits?

    Yes, I totally agree. What I really envision is that I can have my company be what Bertone and Pininfarina used to be: styling/design houses that were making amazing performance cars and pushing the envelope of both design and performance. Performance, of course coming from the chassis they would be working with from Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, etc.

    All those manufacturers have moved to higher volume unibody cars, and there is now a void of tubular spaceframe supercars. The ones that are available are very lacking in sophisticated design that Bertone and Pinin were masters of.

    Anyways, that's my opinion and direction. I'll post something for people to see, I guess. Sort of like hooking on a street corner?

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    Re: Why kits?

    Thanks, I went back and added something so I could post up in confidence. Haha.

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    Re: Why kits?

    Sorry, that was a sponsored project for Acura. If I post things up from my portfolio that are past projects, just understand I'm not trying to sell these per se, they are just examples of what my work is like.

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    Re: Why kits?

    Nah, good call though.. I'll try and remember to put my logo on for stuff like this.

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