HI all,

I am curious as to who has had problems with this on their 355 kit? Also, if you could post pics of how low she goes would be cool... And any hints, tips, advice as to how you came over this dillema would be awesome too, again pics would be cool too?

No, I am not doing an AD355 kit, I still have 2 more years of school left.... But a guy can dream about building can't he...... Though I am no tyre kicker, I will build my car someday!

OH!! This idea jus came to mind recently, how did you guys come about doing a kit, instead of a custom fiero? I have a some what radical IMSA fiero idea with a Triangle G-40 front end on it.... I have a couple of photoshop pics of what I am after, if anyone is curious...... Well, I guess what I am getting to is, did you ever bounce back n forth from one idea to another? Like this kit vs that kit, or this kit vs a one-off fiero of your own?? How did you solve this?

I do this ever soooo often actually, bounce back n forth in my head about what project i'd like to accomplish...... Like tonite, I wanted to see some pics of AD355's and it brought back sooooooooooooo many feelings of desire for the real deal and my love of this car.... HAHA, while looking at a magazine cover of a 355 once, I told my mother and sister that I was BORN to drive this car..... And yet, at the same time, due to my own personality, I crave something totally unique........

If anyone has any thoughts on the flip flopping thing, that would be cool,
Hmmm, Dr. Phil, where are you! ;D