hi all

since building a car will be difficuilt ...i have decided the following

i want someone ( trusted person) to come to my country and built me a car using tubular frame because i am not sure whether i can get a fiero here or not i will try my best to find fiero ...... and i will book a an apartment for the visitor and tickets as well ...i will get the kit from US and want who ever will come .....to mount the body and the dash console , gauges ,doors , and wheels to reach the the basic look of the car...

so i need to know how long it will take to be in shape ?

and i will ship all required parts to to get as a turnkey

so you might ask ..why i dont import a car ?

the answer is

it is veryyyy expensive to get a car in here it reaches a price of real thing or double
i can get the car inside the country but i have to send it outside the country after six months and during this 6 month i have to pay certain amout of money ...its hard to import a car

method of payment daily payment bases

i hope u help me

what u say guys ?