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Thread: Aston-Martin Kit

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    Aston-Martin Kit

    I saw the Aston Martin fro kitcarinc web site and looks really nice. In addition it looks like an easy build. But, why has anyone build one??? or Has anyone finish or currently buidling one??? Does it really exist??? I was told this kit was produce by Triangle G here in Los Angeles, but Kitcarinc is in Alabama... Did Aston Martin take legal actions against Triangle G? Hummm, it's interesting that the Aston Martin kit is not as popular as the Lambo or Ferrari. I know is my personal opinion, but the donor (Jaguar XkR or XK8) is fairly inexpensive (lowest priced I have seen is around $8K to $9K) and the interior looks very elegant, the kit seems and easy to installed compared to Ferrari and Lambo Kit, but still, not many people are building...just puzzled...

    I would love to build an Aston Martin kit, but just spent $30K on a acura TL Type-S.... Wish I knew about the Aston Martin kit... I know I can't build a Lambo, but the Aston kit seems to be in my range of expertise...

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    Re: Aston-Martin Kit

    An Aston Martin based on a Jaguar is a proposition worth considering as I consider Jaguar to be a cheaper Aston.

    Guys are you listening ?

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    Re: Aston-Martin Kit

    If you search the threads guys you'll see the jag-aston kit.

    IMHO it looks crap.

    waste of money

    depends on how close you want a replica to be like.

    many people like the canadian exclusive motor cars' vanquish replica...however it's massively over priced and STILL is not a correct replica.

    hold your hats for Extreme's vanquish coming soon.... hopefully!

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    Re: Aston-Martin Kit

    I tried a search and didnt find any results...the only example ive seen of this car is the blue model, has no one built one of these??? The blue one sure looks nice

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