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Thread: Custom Kit Cars?

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    Custom Kit Cars?

    Does anyone know of any good companies that make custom kit cars at a reasonable price? Not looking for replicas of existing cars, would like something that is different but still build worthy.


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    Re: Custom Kit Cars?

    pm italian designs he has his own kit thats hot

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    Re: Custom Kit Cars?

    Not sure quite what you're looking for, but you might take a look at the DDR, Factory Five's GTM, The K1 Attack, V8Archie's Fino and Finale, the Aldino, and maybe one of Noble's cars if your budget allows for it!

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    Re: Custom Kit Cars?

    Well it would help to know what country you are from. It doesn't make sense to me to buy a kit from another country considering the cost of shipping, duties, import fees etc.

    If you are in the US, and are not interested in a replica (good idea btw) contact bartman here on this site. He has two in the works at the moment one completely original and the other that takes design features of two cars, with some originality mixed in. Both will make great kits. I cannot tell you how far away he is, but he should be on your list.


    ps Rev&ton email me when you are awake! I have a problem!

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