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Thread: my first self build

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    my first self build

    hey all,

    i'm new to the forum and to self build cars. for years i have been building cars using existing chassis and engines but i've allways wanted to build my own car.

    for the last 18 months i've been designing and planning a self build of my own design. the design is sound but i'm now after advice from people like you who have built their own cars and suffered through the hard times in the build.

    i'm failry sensible and i'm not expecting to have this done in two weeks or anything (aiming for 24 months build time) but i'll gladly take advice of any sort from other self builders.

    there are 2 other things i need to ask, where to get the raw materials from. (1) as my build is a space frame design, would i be better getting the tubing from a roll cage builder or from another tubular metal supplier?
    (2)are there any manufacturers of custom windscreens? as i'll never get my build road legal without a proper screen.

    i'm planning on making the body from fibreglass as i used to be a laminator and fully understand the process of form and mould building.

    sorry for the indepth first post, oh and hello i'm Luke.

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    Re: my first self build

    Welcome aboard Luke.

    I personally cannot answer your questions, but know there are those here that can.
    Might I suggest you become a "patron" of this site and post pics of your project?
    Good luck on your build.


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