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Thread: 79-93 mustang

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    79-93 mustang

    Am looking at buying 79-93 mustang convertible. Have seen kits and body panel changes in past. just wondering what options are out there for a convertible? My search lately has come up dry. Had friend 20+ years ago work up a Ferrari replica from Porsche, think it was an EAGLE kit. Have had a bug about my old 90 mustang, and am looking into buying another, but want it to be unique. Anybody out there know about a kit that keeps the car mostly intact? Oh I'M not really interested in the whole SALEEN thing, just in case, love em, but looking for something different.
    Thanks LA.

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    Re: 79-93 mustang

    MERCEDES SL500.dont know who manufactures them now

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    Re: 79-93 mustang

    Twilight Thanks.
    Had seen this kit a few years back, was wondering about one that i had heard about, but can't find. I had heard about a Ferrari Dino - Mustang kit, or maybe it was the Datona, been a few years ago. The LX convertible is already a virtual knockoff of the 500 MB as it is. I,M surprised that with the older mustangs being as cheap as they are that more kit car companies don't use them. I mean they are rear wheel drive, V8 capable, low to the ground, and so damn easy to work on. Oh well if anyone sees a different one please contact.
    Thanks Again LA.

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    Re: 79-93 mustang

    i saw in a kit car magazine, not sure which one but, it did have a cobra like car that used a mustang but, possibly a newer one.

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