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Thread: Extreme Murcielago, LP640?

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    Extreme Murcielago, LP640?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm in the US and I'm thinking about the MR2 Murcielago kitcar.

    Is the Extreme kit a mould from the Murcielago or the Murcielago LP640? Will I be able to fit the interior with genuine parts if I go the MR2 route? How hard would you say it is for a noob with minor experience to strip and fit a mr2 with the lambo kit?

    Which MR2 or MRS should I use for the project? Also just curious, are there any Gallardo kits out there? Who makes them?


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    Re: Extreme Murcielago, LP640?

    have a look your self or com??

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    Re: Extreme Murcielago, LP640?

    Better send them an Email...but yes, they moulded off the real car, so the body is 100%...and I think it was not the LP640.

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    Re: Extreme Murcielago, LP640?

    what i read last from cdrskull about the LP640 is that extreme wont be anounce anything of it "yet" as too much fund had been dump on developing the regular murcie kit. or might want to contact cdrskull or extreme about your question.

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