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Thread: F430 mr2 kit

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    F430 mr2 kit

    hey did you guys see this?!? apparently DNA is building an F430 replica kit on an Mr2 and it looks like they are close to finnishing! It's supposedly called the 4thirty and according to DNA, it will be even easier to build than the 3sixty because it fits the Mr2 floorpan better. It's supposed to be priced at 7500 euros and it won't let me post the pic, so if the link above dosen't work, check their news archive for Friday May 16, 2008. I couldn't find anything on the DNA website but I'm pretty sure that they are doing this. I'm sorry if this is a repost.... if not.. check it out.

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    Re: F430 mr2 kit

    yeah they are their making it a perfect f430 kit
    but they are not showing any other pictures apart from that one they are keeping totally top secret untill its finished >

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    Re: F430 mr2 kit

    your a little late.we have had a thread up for a while that has several videos of the car in yellow paint.

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    Re: F430 mr2 kit

    Wow. That's a solid Custom Car...............

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