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Thread: Need to buy North Star

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    Need to buy North Star

    Hey guys,
    I need to find a North Star engine newer model with wiring,computer,trans. I need it complete and at a decent deal. Any pointers?

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    Re: Need to buy North Star

    I have a 98 N*, 70,000 miles with 4t80e. I also have an 87 cradle with mounts for a N*. Also Ryan Hess hacked 7730 computer for N*. Also PBJs N* turbo system for a Fiero. N* harness and Fiero harness are being assembled now by William Lucke. I have shopped carefully for these items and would sell them at my cost. Less for all of this than just a design one N* kit with no engine, transaxle, or turbo. I'm going in a different direction now with my Lambo. This package was originally going into an AD355 spyder.

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    Re: Need to buy North Star

    I have a 96 with 30,000 miles but it is engine only. Had to have some tig work done where the transaxle was, but I'll sell it cheap! ;D


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