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Thread: Funding a project??

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    Funding a project??

    Hi all Thanks for the time first of all, Id like to know or get and idea of how people are going about funding there projects from start like buying the body,and so on,I make a decent living 500- to 800 weekly right now,id like to purchase a good body kit for 13k next year,Id like someone to give me some ideas about saving or so on,Id like to best way to go about my project as I cant get a loan for this,Please any ideas would be great..thanks
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    Re: Funding a project??

    I would fisrt figure what you total cost would be, How long do you plan to build? Realistically how much can you afford to save on a monthly basis without tapping into the general living expenseses.
    I built my car in 4 1/2 years and I used money I made on the side ( carpenter). I saved my money for one entire summer and that gave me enough to buy the body and donor car to get started!. Everything else I just bought over the years piece by piece. Using income tax payments to purchase big ticket items and such. Now I'm 98% complete and 50 grand in receipts not including my labor.
    If you come up with a decent game plan it can be done.
    To purchase a 13,000 dollar body by june you would have to save roughly 1450 per month starting in Oct.


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    Re: Funding a project??

    it may sound far fetched but i plan to buy a lp640 next summer and build though the winter and be done in one year,with john body i think it can be done, 1400 a month is alot + living expenses,,alot of the work after i buy the body ill be able to trade off though my craft,so mainly ill have to pay for the body and parts
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    Re: Funding a project??

    im doing it just like rod said use tax returns for body and wheels everything else you can piece together

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    Re: Funding a project??

    how its looking i may be able to save half the 13k and buy someones kits they bail out on lol
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