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Thread: how did it happen? everyone please respond

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    how did it happen? everyone please respond

    How did you get into cars into the first place? working with dad? a friend? lmk.
    building cars is like having herpes, it comes and goes but you cant get rid of the itch.
    I remember when i was younger and got teased for not knowing what a piston was. now i know more than that guy does. Its in my blood and after every car i build i swear im done with cars because of the money/time/drama invested but itll never stop.
    I use to not care when my buddys talked about cars til one day on the "hangout" street we crused on a trans am romped and came off the front wheels, i freaked and have been hooked every since. Then i learned how to work on them from owning cars that always broke down and i was to broke to have anyone else fix it.

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    Re: how did it happen? everyone please respond

    My first drivable car was a 1975 Chevy Camaro... I learned alot about walking home with this one. My love for Lambo's came from Cannon Ball Run... The doors and the sound got me hooked and never let go.

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    Re: how did it happen? everyone please respond

    every year i go to Montauk for a week in the summer, and i see TONS of porshes, corvettes, and if im lucky i see one or two ferraris or lambos drive by. My dad also tells me stories about the cars he had and wishes he never sold (ex. a roadrunner, a cuda, and there is one more... cant remember what it is). + he takes me to local car shows and he said he would take me to a car show in NYC next year, can't wait =)

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    Re: how did it happen? everyone please respond

    oh by the way, great analogy with herpes and loving cars ;D

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    Re: how did it happen? everyone please respond

    Started for me when I was 13yrs old and my grandfather let me drive his Comet. At 14 my dad taught me how to drive a standard. At 15 I chopped and built two dune buggy's with my father in our home garage. At sixteen I got my drivers license and had enough money saved up on my own to buy a beat up 1970 z28 that my dad and I stripped down, repainted, tore out and rebuilt the motor from the ground up which I drove to school and raced on weekends at Connecticut drag way and English town NJ. I've had a 260z, SS camaro, GTO, 2 fiero's, Audi 5000s, 1976 corvette, and six motorcycle's. I'm fifty now and currently I have a Suzuki GXSR1100, Mustang GT convertable, GMC Envoy and my real baby my Anniversary Countach and my recently purchased real diablo. Hopfully soon going to start a Merc.

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    Re: how did it happen? everyone please respond

    I think The Dukes of Hazard is what got me hooked. Back when I was a kid I thought the General Lee was the fastest car in the world! Then came along Knight Rider. That was my dream car. My first car when I was 17 was a 1984 Pontiac Firebird. later on I bought a Turbo Hood and put on some Cragar wheels to make it look meaner. the car didn't come with a Trans Am wing so I bought that as well. Then after a few years I sold that car and bought a 1988 I-Rock Z Camaro. Put on a set of Edelbrock Headers, K&N filters and a Hypertech stage 3 power chip. Then sold that car and bought and pied cash for a 1995 factory Formula Firehawk. Spent at least $15K on that car that punched it from 315 HP to 430HP. Then I test drove two 1996 Dodge Vipers. that's when my lust for Exotics came in. When I saw for the very first time a 1986 Lamborghini Countach, black with tinted windows... My jaw dropped! The first time I walked into a Lambo dealership and saw a show room full or Diablo's, Murciélago's and Gallardo's, I said to my self... I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!

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    Re: how did it happen? everyone please respond

    I was 16 and my best friend had a 65 Mustang that he let me ride to school with him in. I was HOOKED. Dad got me my own Mustang later that year. It coasted down the big hill to our house (the 6 banger gave out at the top of the hill) and set there for over a year while me and Dad fixed everything on it. I MEAN EVERYTHING! It was a basketcase when he bought it for 600. Most of the parts were in the trunk, along with parts to other mustangs? I spent every dime I made on that car, replaced the front end, brakes, engine, interior, exterior panels, paint, etc. over $5K later, I had an excellent daily driver that I took to mustang club meets and even entered in driver class shows. I changed out the 6 for a 289 (Dad bought the junk yard engine for my High school Graduation present and we put it in together) I loved that car, and working on it with Dad. I joined the Navy and passed it down to my brother. He blew it up, and my parents sold it to a collector. I've been working on cars ever since. I have had 4 '60 something mustangs since then, and still have a '65. Dad's gone now, but I will ALWAYS have those fond memories of us working together on that stang. Thanks Dad.

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    Re: how did it happen? everyone please respond

    I was around 11 my uncle use to take me to all the cars shows in the UK. Started to build rally cars at the age of 21 and went from there.

    Short but sweet

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    Re: how did it happen? everyone please respond

    I used to hand my Dad his tools...after I learned their sizes and use, I started helping with tune ups...between the ages of 13-25 I had gone through about 80 cars and trucks...fixing and selling and trading...working on all of them in one way or another...I am now 41 and pretty much stuck on Fords and fabricating different trike designs...I currently just finished a VW trike for my brother with a custom one off frame and custom rear formula 1 inspired suspension...I have been fabricating regularly now for the past 8 yrs. since I got my first MIG welder...I love working with steel and am trying to get more involved with lighter materials...innovation and new designs is currently my passion right now...I am trying to design a new trike chassis that will be easy to build and be strong enough for a powerful dream is to own my own Fab shop some day...just a shop to build custom cars for other people or doing a restoration on someones pride and joy...It usually takes me a while to build things because I am such a perfectionist.

    Thanks for read 'n

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