Hey guys, I just wanted to keep you posted on the Murcielago in progress. First of all, I did not go see it today (sunday the 9th), I went yesterday to the builders facility. They are 80% complete with the project, he told me its still about 30 days from being complete. The existing fiero was stretched 10 1/2 inches from what i was told, they are building a replica interior to the real murcielago which includes dash, console and doors. They also told me that they are using authentic rear lights from Lamborghini. What is left is, finishing up the alignment on the front hood, (pop up doors are installed but need adjustments,) final primer and the interior to be taken to the upholstery shop. Now, I will not be able to have pics of either the roadster kit or the coupe until I pay my deposit on the Roadster KIT and since the klt wasn't at his facility as of yesterday, I did not pay a deposit until I actually see and touch the kit in front of me. I get along very well with the builder and I trust him, but business is business and I need to see the product before I pay. This guy is really close to my house, So I advised him to contact me the minute the Roadster Kit gets in so that i can pay my deposit. But I did want to keep you guys posted and I'm sure I will get the kit by the very latest next sunday.
p.s. the murcielago looks EXACT!!! The only thing that is not exact is that the gas cover is on the opposite side as compared to the real murcielago.