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Thread: Lamborghini Murc Roadster Top ForSale

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    Lamborghini Murc Roadster Top ForSale

    Pre-Selling the Lamborghini Murc Roadster Top

    The Replica Design Group has come up with an alternative - and much more convenient - solution to the Lamborghini Mucilage Roadster's manual fabric roof.

    You see, the original manual fabric roof that comes with the Mucilage Roadster is a downright pain in the ass to install, so what we have done is offer a removable fiberglass hard top.

    Made up of six layers of strong fibers and including a rear window, one person can install this top, Available with fixed windows or functional windows in either dull or gloss finish or carbon fibre, the hard top is scheduled for production in February 10, 2010 price starting at Only US $675.00 - the equivalent of a reasonably priced, leather seat cover!

    Why drive a $480,000.00 Roadster with no optional top? Our top will keep the plush leather and your ride dry, it's priceless!

    Replica Design Group builders of the Roadster have released the following renderings of a removable fiber hard top that they will be producing for the Mucilage Roadster owners. The top is designed to fit easily and go on and off the car in about one minute making the ownership experience of the Mucilage Roadster much more rewarding. Owning a top that is "easy on and off" capabilities allows much more freedom to enjoy your Lamborghini! Your Mucilage Roadster will handle even better with our top.

    Let's say you live in Florida, well as you know it can be beautiful one minute and raining the next making it impossible to take the Mucilage anywhere without having a place to duck in when the rain hits. This one piece hard top includes the top and rear windows, and you have the option of enjoying the car a few different ways. First of course as a Roadster, then as a hard top. We Model the rear of our top after a jumbo jet engine take a good look you will see it. Our top is design for Speed, stability, and structure reinforcement.

    All tops come finished in either dull or gloss finish or carbon fiber. The top is very light weight and easy to handle for most anyone, it is not difficult to figure out, and uses a proprietary system for keeping it water tight.

    The top will be available directly from Replica Design Group. If you would like to get on the list for one please contact Mo at Replica Design Group to place the order. Production will start in February of 2010 and be sold on a first come basis.

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