My name is Juan trino and I am from Spain, the first thing is to apologize for my English language, I am using translator, because I do not speak well the Englishman.
I am an owner of the company J.Autoline who devotes itself to the repair and preparation of the car for more than 30 years.
The topic of the replies I began it as a jobi and own(proper) personal challenge constructing a F40 that has been my sports and favorite car from always. In the construction late several years because only it(he,she) was doing it in free time and the body kit he(she) answers F40 work hundreds of hours to be able to construct the most similar thing to the original one.
In the construction curtail neither in working hours nor in refills, the result was very good and spectacular.
Later we had clients for two F360, he(she) answers that we construct with many quality, now I have thought of putting the sale my F40 and the equipment(team) of auto body (the F40 has English matriculation), also I bandage(sell) a F360 key in hand and the equipment(team) of auto body