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Thread: Finishing a Diablo Roadster in Ohio

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    Finishing a Diablo Roadster in Ohio

    Any one out there in the wonderful world of Ohio who has experience in Replica and fabrication can help me finish my Diablo Roadster?
    I am going for the OEM look and need minor body work, doors finished (they are hung but need window/glass framing and regulators installed) Roof to be completed, Interior Upholstered. Please shoot me an email directly

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    Re: Finishing a Diablo Roadster in Ohio

    no luck yet?
    if you can not find someone close to you I am still up for it. I found a shop that I will be getting setup this weekend.
    give me a call if I can help.

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    Re: Finishing a Diablo Roadster in Ohio

    Dude --- I'm originally from Indy and it's only a 8hr drive to Atlanta ----- I would not take any other chances with other shops and builders and would trailer that bad boy down here and let WhoDeanie finish it!! Seriously, it will get done the right way and also at a fair price!! Also he is very particular so if your looking for OEM then "seriously" - this is the only true option in my opinion!! --------his quality and honesty is also rarely found !! He has worked on several of my cars so feel free in emailing me at if you have any questions or concerns. Best Regards --------Ben

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