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Thread: Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!

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    Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!

    Hi all,

    As many of you that follow Pennock's Forum know, my reproduction GT trunk seal, long out of production from Pontiac, is now in full production. I have spent the last 7 months developing a superior replacement seal and after a lot of prototyping and samples (and a $@#+load of money) I went into full production last week.

    The full thread on this can be found here

    Many thanks to Whoedeanie for his support and insight on making this project a reality. Although the thread is several pages long page 8+ has pricing and shipping infor as well as pictures and videos.

    I accept PayPal as well.



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    Re: Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!

    Thank you Will for taking the time and money to make this happen. I looked into doing the same thing, but found that the project would get out of hand quickly.

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    Re: Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!

    Hey all,

    I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I am now in production on my trunk seal. Where some of you were the first people to ask to be put on the list, I wanted to make a place for you before I take any other orders.

    Thanks for your time,

    Will Hammond

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    Re: Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!

    I have had several people email me about my reproduction GT trunk seal and it occurred to me that I haven't posted here in quite some time. I have now shipped over 100 of these and they are performing quite well.

    This is one of my customers new seal installed and below are a couple of video of the actual seal.


    Some detail of the corners

    The seals are built to order and are $95 + $15 shipping to US (email me for foreign shipments)

    You can also email me at wmthammond at gmail dot com and I can send you a PayPal invoice. Shipping time is about two weeks but I have a few in stock and can ship this weekend.

    Also the thread on PFF noted about has a lot of info about this project.



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    Re: Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!

    These look great Will. I have sent you an email with several questions about my front trunk seal and a custom seal for the rear trunk of my 308 build.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Re: Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!


    Got your email I will have to reply this evening as I am teaching a Photoshop class in La Crosse, WI today and won't be to Appleton, WI tonight until around 8:30 Central. I will address your question then, thanks for the interest!


    P.S. Custom lengths is no problem at all.

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    Re: Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!


    I sent the dimension (and a reply) to your regular email address.


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    Re: Fiero GT replacement trunks seals now in production!

    As many of you are now aware I have had a relapse of my colon cancer and have been doing twice weekly chemo for the last 3 weeks. I was able to come home yesterday and hope to get back to work next week, then home a week. I can't really afford to pass up any work as I really need the money. At this point I feel physically pretty good but emotionally I am a wreck. I am rather doubtful that I will be attending any shows this year either. Given the stress I have been under the last 2 months with the loss of my brother and one of my closest friend I wasn't sure how things could get worse but I guess now I know. Things look good treatment wise so far but that is the same thing they told me 3 years ago.

    I am now scrambling to fill my back orders for trunk seals and at this point I am not sure I when I will take any further orders once these are filled. I feel as though this has broken my spirit with regards to the Fiero world. I just don't feel "into" doing this any more. I had notified several of you that your seals would ship 3 weeks ago, the week I was diagnosed, most have shipped but at least 4 have not and they will go out today as I am working at home.

    I am very sorry I have been such a poor communicator throughout all of this and am also sorry for the frustration I have caused some of you. I have discussed my situation at length with several of you and asked that the mater be kept private as I did not want this to turn into a "pity party" for me. I have never been one to air my problems in public as many often do on this forum. I have also seen the "pack mentality" of striking someone when they stumble. For the sake of the dozens of customers I have taken care of, I hope I can make it up to those whom I have let down.

    After the months of waiting for my new parts I was so excited to finally be on top of this and then the "bottom fell out" so to speak. I consider many of you to be friends and I feel I have broken the trust you had in me. While I can understand that position, I hope my making things right for you all will get me back to a positive mental state. My doctor has lectured me endlessly that "attitude is everything" but I just can't seem to get past all of this "stuff" this time. I have been through cancer 2 times prior and I have never had the "why me" attitude but this time is really pounding me.

    I have about a dozen PMs to return over the next day or two and tracking numbers to send out so PM me again if you don't hear from me. I don't know who I have and have not contacted about this.

    Thanks for the consideration,

    Will Hammond

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    ***** UPDATE *****

    AS many of you are aware, I don't post here all that often but I visit nearly every day. My truck seal tooling is finally paid for and that means a permanent price reduction! 86-88 Fiero GT reproduction truck seals are now $95 shipped to the U.S. and $95 + actual shipping charges (minus a $15 shipping credit!) for international orders. Drop me a PM for any questions.


    Dr. W.

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