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Thread: Fiber Fab / CMC MG TD kit (unfinished) for sale, inc. many new VW parts

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    Fiber Fab / CMC MG TD kit (unfinished) for sale, inc. many new VW parts

    I have a FiberFab / Classic Motor Carriages 52 MG TD kit for sale. The kit is completely disassembled at this time. Many parts are still wrapped in original shipping material- many still in original boxes. Car is two-tone (beige/brown) and should be complete kit, with interior, soft-top, wood dash, badges, lights, etc.

    Also includes chassis from 1973 VW Super Beetle, two long blocks, transmission. Chassis converted to front disc brakes.

    I also have *many* new VW parts for the project. This includes new big-bore pistons/cylinders, rotors/shoes, clutch parts, and a new front axle beam (adjustable ride height).

    Please message for list of parts and asking price. Will entertain any reasonable offers for the whole shooting match.

    All items are garaged in Gastonia, NC- just west of Charlotte.

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    Re: Fiber Fab / CMC MG TD kit (unfinished) for sale, inc. many new VW parts

    Do you have any of the emblems you want to part with?

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