These are 15" aluminum Centerline wheels, that have more offset than stock Fiero wheels (but the Fiero bolt pattern). The offset of the fronts are +11mm, and the offset of the rears are -19mm; these are from my measurements so they could be off by 1mm or so. Compared with a stock Fiero wheel, this puts the fronts out about 1" farther and the rears out about 2" farther. They have tires on them, so the width of the wheel is difficult to measure (the wheel width is the width at the interface of the tire bead). The outside width of the rim at that area is 6.75" for the fronts and 8.25" for the rears; I would think that the actual width would thus be about 6" for the fronts and 7 1/2" for the rears.

They are in pretty nice shape, a bit dirty but no serious marks on them. The tires hold air but are pretty old so assume they are no good. Also, I'm missing 2 of the "knock-off" centre things (which personally I don't like anyways and would replace with something else). And these do not come with lug nuts. Here is a picture of the car they came on, and various pictures of the wheels.

I am not shipping these, they have to be picked up; they are too bulky with the tires and I'm not paying to have them removed just for shipping. I will drive a reasonable distance from Toronto to meet someone to drop them off.

Perfect for your wide-body kitcar.


Bolton, Ontario