Ran across this on CL. Looks nice and sounds like it just needs some misc finish work. Not mine and I have no affiliation. Just passing it along!


F355 Spyder Replica based on a 1985 Fiero frame that has been stretched and reinforced with correct size. 1986 Fiero V6 Engine with Auto Trans. Top plus extra top frame, extra door panel ready to be upholstered. All Ferrari emblems, lighting, wheels. This is titled as a 2001 Special Vehicle and is smog exempt so you can put any engine combo you want in it. Only 500 of these certificates are given each year. This is a great daily driver that you can buy and insure for less than a couple tune ups of the true F355. As a daily driver it has a few nicks in the paint but looks great on the road nonetheless. This is a fun convertible to just cruise around in and is very reliable. There are custom brakes and the suspension feels great so it handles like the real thing too. Here's what it needs... The AC is disconnected and if you want it it will need two hoses and the system hooked up. I have been traveling this past year quite a bit so didn't drive much (less than 1,000 miles) as such the trans has a small leak when you first start it up and put it in reverse. I think this will go away if you drive it daily as I used to. The headlight motors need to be rebuilt. You can manually open them now as needed. The door popper remote needs to be hooked up. The popper is installed, they just disconnected the alarm when they changed engines last year and I haven't had a chance to hook it back up.

* Over $30k invested
* Fresh V6 Engine/Trans swap with low mile car (under 63,000 mi.)
* Genuine F355 emblems/lights (I think the rims too)
* Registration through 01/10
* New Distributor
* Fresh Tune-up
* Has AC but not hooked up. Will need new hoses.
* Spare convertible frame.
* Spare 355 fiberglass door shell (can update door panels to match 355 I just never did the work)
* Tires have 85% tread

* Headlamps don't pop up. Have rebuild kit. Manually works though.
* Horn doesn't work.
* Missing face around stereo/heater controls
* Tachometer does not work
* Has car alarm not hooked up. Operates door poppers, remote start etc.
* Missing cover for ECM module.
* Convertible boot cover has some wear
* No inside door handles

Please no looky loo's. If you're serious and have the cash, this is a great car! I'm not really interested in any trades. My daughter is moving back so I am getting a new Jag convertible (4 seater) so she can sit in the backseat in her carseat.