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Thread: jdorr's testarossa

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    jdorr's testarossa


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    Re: jdorr's testarossa

    Man if I wasnt in the middle of my build I would buy this in a second!!!!

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    Re: jdorr's testarossa

    nice to hear you still have it jdorr, beatifull car

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    Re: jdorr's testarossa

    more pics that's a purdy replica there........

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    Re: jdorr's testarossa

    Wow, that car is awesome. Very nicely done.

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    Re: jdorr's testarossa

    That is an awsome replica!

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    Re: jdorr's testarossa

    Bahhh i wanna cry. This is pure erotic. I wish I had that many already cuz Im a big fan of testarossa and f40.

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    Re: jdorr's testarossa

    Super sexy looking car Jerry....and awesome looking replica....
    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: jdorr's testarossa

    That is not a kit build, it was an obsession. I bet that you could not sleep at night with out thinking of what else you could do to the car. That you for posting the video.

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