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Thread: FS Running F40 kit! $4000! (not mine)

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    FS Running F40 kit! $4000! (not mine)

    Kit car mounted to 85 Pontiac Fearo, V6, Auto, AC Needs to be finished. Coolist car ever made. I gave $7,000K for body kit and $2,500 for running driving Pontiac.
    Make offer would trade for something interesting. Needs to go to good home. Hm 903-874-7490 Cl 903-467-7707

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    Re: FS Running F40 kit! $4000! (not mine)

    It would be worth $5000 if it was on a Fiero.

    Since it's on a FEARO, It's worth less. (The FEARO was clearly not as nice of a car) ;D ;D ;D

    It think it was made by PONTAC :'( :'(
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    Re: FS Running F40 kit! $4000! (not mine)

    The car doesn't actually run. The fiero did when he bought it. He was in the process of doing a engine swap when he decided to sell. Car can run again if you hook everything back up. At least that's what he told me via email yesterday.

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