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Thread: For sale - Ferrari Radio/Stereo

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    For sale - Ferrari Radio/Stereo

    Hi folks, ;D I have a Ferrari Integrated Radio set for sale.
    It is also used on newer F430s also (Harmon-Becker Automotive System) and possibly be used to update older model F430s & 360s....
    I bought it for personal use but did not use it. Send me you offer by message ( or Ref: Original price is US$3100).
    No b.s. please, I accept paypal only and will ship only once payment cleared.
    Will ship world wide with insurance and tracking.
    The condition is pretty much like brand new, just collecting dust in my storage.... :-[
    Here's the link for what I have. Couldn't find that many pics but its exactly as in pic link...

    Just for clarification : Only the radio set box + System CD (Europe Version 3.6)

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    Re: For sale - Ferrari Scuderia /16M Radio/Stereo

    Could you take a picture of the actual product you are selling? :-\ Wouldn't that be better then a pic off a Japanese website?

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    Re: For sale - Ferrari Scuderia /16M Radio/Stereo

    I could do that but I am lazy...That's why I grabbed it off the web. ;D
    Will send pictures to the potential buyer. Will even take send pictures of all six sides of the box needed!
    Anyway the web site link was to illustate the fact that stereo is newer model being identical to the one for sale.
    As mentioned it cosmetically looks brand new, It was taken off the car in perfect working condition.

    Will be placing the item for sale on other sites in a few days . I thought someone would need this on this forum, that's why I posted here first. 8)

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    Re: For sale - Ferrari Scuderia /16M Radio/Stereo

    I would concider it if the price wasn't way over what a good aftermarket unit would sell for new. By posting a suggested retail price scares me away. It's just a radio!

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    Re: For sale - Ferrari Radio/Stereo

    Update - Item has been reserved.
    Thanks everyone for the interest.

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