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Thread: 3.8 engine supercharged g2

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    3.8 engine supercharged g2

    hi all i,v got 3.8 engine in the car running .come here it run,will sell complete car ,drives, for $1000.00 416-467-6377 john

    auto located in toronto,
    km are 245.000 it is 1997 old lss, pictures i dont think so,i am sure that we all know what this power plant looks like ,as far as a video goes,why don,t you guy,s come down to personally see it ,you,ll see it smoke the tires.
    all kidding aside, this car runs amazing,oil has been changed every 3000.00 kms,i own a service centre auto.

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    Re: 3.8 engine supercharged g2

    I think if you posted some pics and or video that would defiantly help you out.

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    Re: 3.8 engine supercharged g2

    LOCATION would be nice to know also....
    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: 3.8 engine supercharged g2

    [quote=goyal99 ]

    LOCATION would be nice to know also....

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    Re: 3.8 engine supercharged g2

    I don't think he'll have a problem selling it for that price if it is installed and running. If you were even close to me I would pick it up for that price.

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