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Thread: 25th Anniversary Front Bumper

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    25th Anniversary Front Bumper

    I have a front bumper for the IFG 25th Anniversary Countach. I'm not going to use it. Anybody need's one, make me an offer. You can see the style of bumper in the IFG ad's with the red 25th in them.

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    Re:25th Anniversary Front Bumper

    Have you cut out any openings yet or is it new?
    The Prezzz

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    Re:25th Anniversary Front Bumper

    I haven't touched it. Any cut's are factory cut's. The front is solid. Just like the one in their ad's.

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    Re:25th Anniversary Front Bumper

    What type of ft end are you going to use? how much do you want for it?
    The Prezzz

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    Re:25th Anniversary Front Bumper

    It had a 5000 style front end. I capped over it, to more closely resemble the Europeon nose. IFG want's $125 plus shipping. $50 plus shipping, I think is fair.

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    Re:25th Anniversary Front Bumper

    Hi does any one have a extra 5000 s type front bumper they could part with . I need one thanks Gene

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    Re:25th Anniversary Front Bumper

    I will take it!
    Email me with info were to send money.
    The Prezzz

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