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Thread: NAERC 6.0 Body & NAERC Chassis

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    NAERC 6.0 Body & NAERC Chassis

    NAERC 6.0 body with replica chassis NAERC (bare chassis)

    6.0 body
    6.0 front bumper
    Inner/outer doors
    Rocker Panels
    muffler cover
    6.0 decklid
    6.0 hood
    Rear body panel (between radiator grills)
    inner door upholstery panels
    6.0 seat shells
    99 gtr style dash

    Replica Chassis
    Replica Cahssis drawings
    A-arm mounting brackets (all)
    Round D.O.M tubing for control arms
    power steering rack
    New 12" corvette crossdrilled/slotted rotors (4)
    (4) New corvette calipers
    Stainless Steel Brake lines
    Corvette front spindles(2)
    Corvette hubs (3)
    Jdm style 300zx headlights (without nibs)
    Audi 5000 5spd trans
    Ac control Panel (same as original) needs riceburner ciruit board
    6.0 rear taillights
    4 lamborghini caliper covers

    Serious inquiry's only email me for

    14k o.b.o.

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    Re: NAERC 6.0 Body & NAERC Chassis

    DAMN! Thats one hell of a deal!.

    Good luck with sale, I hate being young and broke.

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    Re: NAERC 6.0 Body & NAERC Chassis

    Is this all still for sale? Any chance of some pics? I'm interested in the audi 5000 trans too
    5 out of 4 people are not good at fractions

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