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Thread: Murcielago replacement gauges

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    Murcielago replacement gauges

    Hi guys I found these replacement gauges the other day I wanted to post the link here in case some of you are looking to get these for your kit car..they would look excellent with a lambo badge sticker put on the same place where the stock gauges have it

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    Re: Murcielago replacement gauges

    This is a VERY GOOD FIND... Best one I have seen to date...

    Has anyone ordered from them yet? In US dollars it is $93 U.S.

    I have attached a pic from the link of what the guage looks like and their description

    Available Dial Face Colours and Night-time Illumination Colours: The letter in brackets following the colour of the face indicates the colour of the night-time illumination e.g. White(G) indicates that the dial face is white and the night-time illumination is green. The letters in brackets indicate the following colours of illumination: KEY: (G)=Green (A)=Amber (R)=Red (B)=Blue (W)=White (ST)=Standard or as original. Please Specify at time of purchase which colour dials you require.

    High quality polycarbonate replacement dials not a cheap stick on version. Even the professionals in the automotive industry choose Lockwood conversion Dials. They are made from heat resistant polycarbonate, a premium grade substrate, which is guaranteed not to distort or crack. They are printed with specialised inks that are guaranteed never to discolour, fade, peel or bubble. You only replace your dials once, so don't settle for second best, choose Lockwood Dials and you won't be disappointed.

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    Re: Murcielago replacement gauges

    They are produced by a company in the UK called Lockwood International. The quality of the fascia is excellent.I have dealt / visited there factory a few times in the past.

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    Re: Murcielago replacement gauges

    I think i've posted this some where before when i found it in
    This company make dials for some other cars too.

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    Re: Murcielago replacement gauges

    nice but they stop making these in 2002 , the LP version is different, these are outdated that is why the price is low

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    Re: Murcielago replacement gauges

    IKR, is your guage plate completed?

    Do you have updated pics?

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