Selling my non stretched 1988 25th anniversary replica,this car from what i was told when i acquired it over 2 1/2 years ago, car was completed by a new jersey manufacturer.I lost my storage and had since brought the car home where it currently sits and i have no where to work or have the car worked on and have contacted several sources on having the interior and doors completed for me but have had no luck,and therefore have decided to move on and sell it ,i will entertain trading for a finished replica of less value plus cash as i am trying to buy a foreclosed property,the car starts and fires right up,it has a 5.7 liter v8 conversion done right,its fuel injected from a pontiac trans am.the car needs to have a new clutch installed(included)I am in the process of having a local mechanic install the clutch hopefully,the car needs to have the interior finished as i had a guy remove the whole stock fiero interior,he crafted a replica dash in wood out of pictures of other lambos,the doors need work on the latching as well as the windows,serious inquries only please.I know that for price i am asking the car is not for everyone,this car has had over 35k invested up to this point,add up cost for body,plus donor,plus original looking replica wheels. engine converson,etc etc. serious inquires only please.