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Thread: Affordable Project Renderings

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    Affordable Project Renderings

    I'm an Automotive artist in southern California. I mainly focus on SEMA project proposals and then it hit me that the people in the most need of project rendering are Kit Car builders. Not only does a professional rendering give you a solid plan of attack but it keeps you motivated. Kind of reminder of the pay off for all the hard work. I have provided some samples of my work but you can find more at

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    Re: Affordable Project Renderings

    Dude youre effin AWESOME!!!! How much would one of these go for?

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    Re: Affordable Project Renderings

    $40 for a 11 X 17 print of any existing rendering and a rendering of your project or vehicle starts at $150.

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    Re: Affordable Project Renderings

    I might be in touch with you, I think i have a challenge...

    VERY nice work. I woud certainly like to have something like this for my next project.

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    Re: Affordable Project Renderings

    Have u done a mid engine corvette?
    White Fugazzi Bentley Supersport Convertible GTC

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    Re: Affordable Project Renderings

    What would you charge for an f360 convertible (DNA 360) in white with blue vine type graphics that are thicker at the front and other accent points like old flame jobs but then thin out to just bare white paint? I was thinking black roof, and black headlight inserts. Viewed from the front 3/4. Also would I then own the picture to make copies for myself and what about publication? Could I post it on this website?
    Typically would this be better looking / easier with the roof up or down?
    forgot to ask... Would this be an analog style or digital according to your website?

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    Re: Affordable Project Renderings

    E-mail me some pics or some kind of reference and I can get you an accurate quote.

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