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Thread: Bugatti Veyron Replica Kit

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    Bugatti Veyron Replica Kit

    Up for sale is a replica kit of one of the most expensive and fastest cars in the world.

    This is a replica of the Bugatti Veyron coupe that has been sculpted and modified to look 99.9% to the real deal.

    All parts are Hand Laid Fiberglass which makes it lighter and stronger!

    All of the modifications were done by a professional sculptor and probably the best in the business.

    He used a 1:10 scale of the Bugatti plus he measured the real Bugatti Veyron to make sure that all of his

    measurements were dead on. He also used a mechanical measurement system to accomplish accuracy.

    This replica is a most have for hard core super cars enthusiast. If you like to see a video of the

    proces when the plug for this kit was made pliase go to this link

    The following parts are included and finished in gray gel coat with all edges smoothed and finished:

    Main body with bumpers and rockers attached
    Front decklid
    2 inner doors
    2 outer doors
    Rear spoiler
    Picture of the Gray car is of the body almost ready for paint!
    Head lights
    Tail lights
    This kit is made with most of the body work all ready done!
    We are currently working on a complete interior for this kit!
    The price is $9,995 dollars we have two in stock. go to this link and lock at the update pics.

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    Re: Bugatti Veyron Replica Kit

    nice good luck with the build.

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    Re: Bugatti Veyron Replica Kit

    Awesome !
    Good luck !

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    Re: Bugatti Veyron Replica Kit


    Welcome to the forum! Your car has made it into this forum awhile back. Good luck with the sale!
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