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Thread: 308-328 in canada

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    308-328 in canada

    hi all,trying this again. looking for a 308,328 just the kit in canada. if anyone out there got one for sale in canada, please let me know. and details. i know these kits aren,t worth much anymore and been looking for a while now. any info be great. thank you

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    Re: 308-328 in canada

    There is a "stinger" kit for sale on this site:
    just write Fiero in the place call "recherche" (search) and you will get it.
    This car is built by the BEST builder in matter of kit cars, Luc Chartrand,
    now, he has his own supercar in production called PLETHORE (about 350 00 -500 000$)

    The 308 is really like a real one and built on a Fiero 1987
    (I know, 88 is better, that's what I have, but it is not a stinger).

    The vendor's name is Kevin. Good luck!

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    Re: 308-328 in canada

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    Re: 308-328 in canada

    okay,thanks for the great info everyone. much appr.

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    Re: 308-328 in canada

    i have the 328 molds however making the pieces can get expensive... you're looking at around 5000 to a full body in good condition.

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    Re: 308-328 in canada

    Found one more for you.....let me know ???

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