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Thread: Lamborghini Murcielago Lp640 4 Sale Must Go!

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    Lamborghini Murcielago Lp640 4 Sale Must Go!

    Wasup guys, I'm going into the building end of this industry and I need to convert my frozen asset to liquid (meaning no trades plz). I'm getting ready to start an Mr2 build & I'm currently in talks of doing another Fiero based build. I first started this car at $49,999 (lol), then $39,999 (where I complete the interior), and now it's at $29,999 (AS-IS). First reasonable offers drives off with this beaut, PM me. Thanks

    Replica/Kit Makes - eBay (item 330634165404 end time Nov-06-11 07:33:21 PST)
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    why are you selling it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LP640 View Post
    why are you selling it?
    Did you not just read what he wrote?

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    Good luck with your venture. It seems like only a few weeks ago you just finished'll sell at a good price.......don't give it away!!

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    Much better price. Should go in the next 3 days. Good luck to you!


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    If I had the cash now I'd take it off your hands bro, especially I'm in NJ as well and will be looking for a build sometime in 2012. I just put a lot of upgrades in my business. If I can turn around cashflow quick I'll give you a holler.

    Thanks and the car looks fantastic.

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    Lambo J.

    30 Grand for a Fiero based non completed replica is way too much in this economy. I know how much we put into these cars, I have more then that in my uncompleted Roadster and the best I can get out of it if I put it up for sale is maybe 6-8K (I know this cus I have already tried several times as well as what has sold both in CL as well as on ebay). You will have a better chance on selling it if you finish it. Unfortunately discretionary funds are very limited these days and those who have the funds can easily buy the latest and greatest Lamborghini and have no need for a replica, they generally laugh at us the replica owners... I am sorry to be negative but I am in the same boat, My addiction is Lamborghini without the funds so I have several replicas in different stages and can’t sell any of them unless I give them away. ARGGGGGGGGGG........... I wish you all the luck, you car looks beautiful, if I can move just one of my completed replicas (non lambo) I would be interested. Good luck with the sale and I wish you the best, if you sell your build then I have hope of selling mine so I am praying for ya brothaaaa

    Just my .5 cent….. (my wife took half (1 cent) and the remaining half goes into supporting the kids)
    I tell ya it is the times…….. lol

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    Your getting good at those ads too. The video is a little shaky but the content is great. Showing the bat wings and rear spoiler working, driving around the lot near "lesser" cars. Looking super aggressive and mean next to the hondahs and SUVs.

    So many folks on You Tube just show the drive by at speed or the boring "walk around". Way to use the medium!!

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    Get a video of unfinished interior and sound of car and that might turn some heads bro. Hope your car sells soon!

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    Did it really sell or fake bidder?

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