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Thread: Theme Truck For Sale

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    Theme Truck For Sale


    2002 Dodge Dakota has been TRANSFORMED into Dakota Prime. This theme truck is great fun and a star attraction at car shows and events.

    Use it to advertise your product or service. Based on a 2002 Dodge Dakota presently the body is in high build primer and pin stripped out with the "Autobots" logo and Optimus Prime on the left side. While the "Decepticons" with Megatron are pin stripped on the right side. Both logos are displayed on the two front hood scoops.

    The fiberglass-bodied truck was designed and built to be show cased. Its light weight and aerodynamic shape improved its over all fuel efficiency. Is presently stock OEM V6 - Automatic - Rear Wheel Drive - Regular Cab
    and easily upgraded if desired. Has over 4k invested in tires/rims alone with all maintance done regularly. A must see deal.

    Email: carbuilder60 @
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    New pictures... more found at Public Home | Carbuilder |, photo and video sharing made easy.
    Yes its still for sale.

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