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Thread: Deal of the week - 328 Replica w/ v8 and a set of 328 panels

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    Deal of the week - 328 Replica w/ v8 and a set of 328 panels

    Hello everyone,

    Sometimes you gotta think with your head instead of your heart and as much as I want to keep the car since my dad and I built it back in 1993 I have to be smart and realize it's just collecting dust and I could use the money.

    Up for sale is a attention to detail 328 replica with a chevy 350. It is on a 1985 fiero Gt frame. Has a sunroof and 4 speed manual. Its Registered in PA and Title is clear. Registered as a Specially Constructed Vechile (No emissions needed).

    V8 archie kit, 3 core Archie Radiator, electric water pump. Mr Mikes Seats with Ferrari Horse, Ferrari Floor Mats, customer interior, VDO guages, etc.

    AC Car but AC is not hooked up, but as most of you know V8 archie kits allow you to have AC, so you can always reconnect it.

    I'm also including a back up set of 328 Mera Panels. It's coming with the car, so don't ask if you can just get the car - or you can get just the car but the price will be the same regardless.

    the car is listed on Craigslist as of yesterday and here is the link. Ferrari Replica with v8

    I have a ton of pictures as well for the car but if you are in Pa feel free to contact me if you are interested and we can meet up and you can see the car in person.

    You'd be hard to find a better deal-And you can't build one cheaper with a v8 (not start any V-6 / v8 wars). There are others for sale that do not have the attention to detail or v8 and are selling around the same price if not for more- and you are also getting a set of Mera Panels!

    Car is being sold as is -


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    How much you asking for this car?

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    Did you click on the link in the first post? He's asking $13000

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    Nice car, good luck with the sale.

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