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Thread: Porsche 550 spyder windscreen wanted

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    Porsche 550 spyder windscreen wanted

    I just wish to know if anyone have this item for a customer.
    If not, any help to find a manufacturer would be apreciated.
    Thank you guys.

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    Speedster Windscreen

    Hi Xisco,

    The 550 tall glass windscreen is the same as a 356 speedster.

    This company advertises on German ebay

    Frontscheibe - Windschutzscheibe - PORSCHE 356 SPEEDSTER 1954-1958 mit Montage | eBay

    The €1 price is because they work with your insurance to replace the glass and you only pay €1 the insurance pays the rest of the bill!

    Chesil Speedsters in the UK should have them too.

    PGO in France should have them. PGO Automobiles

    Lots of places in the states have them too but shipping will be too much to Mallorca? (Vintage Speedters, JPS, Beck, Chamonix)

    I hope this helps
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    Thank you man !
    Is the lower version, but I look on these sites.

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    Lower Version

    Ah, the lower version must be plexiglass?

    In that case you need to know the manufacturer of the spyder to get a good fit.

    At least shipping isn't such a factor as with glass.

    The most common are Vintage, Beck, Thunder Ranch (all USA) but also Martin & Walker in UK does them.

    Beck 356 Porsche Speedster and CHAMONIX 550 Spyder Replica / Kit Cars

    Thunder Ranch Cars


    Replica of the legendary Porsche 904GTS

    Good luck finding what you are looking for!
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