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Thread: Foam Model of McLaren F1 or Anything you dream about!

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    Foam Model of McLaren F1 or Anything you dream about!

    We can help you achieve your DREAM more quickly and easily.
    Turn-around time of 2months for your full-size foam model starting at $10K.
    Manila-based Car Design company ready to fulfill your dream!

    Or, if budget permits and you don't like to experience the heartaches associated with building your dream car from scratch,
    we can build the finished body shell and molds for you. Class A surface finish that is truly symmetrical, made possible only through tons of manhours and love of the work we do.

    Your wish is our command!
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    You're in Manila Philippines , the only safe way to do business is through eBay and paypal so our funds are protected if you take our money and never deliver

    Your kit looks amazing - If you are legitimate , put your product in eBay and let us know

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    Very good look of body

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    Looks amazing, i hope everything we see is actually that we hope it is.

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    Could Be an interesting oppertunity to Build the aventador or some koenigsegg :-)

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    hopefully, we can see more photos of ur products... thx

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    Thank you very much for the pleasant comments.

    I know it's not easy for people trust others they meet only through the internet especially when it involves huge sums. This is usually how our customers feel at first and this is normal. But as their projects take shape and they feel satisfied with our workmanship we slowly gain their confidence. Yes online transaction involves huge risk and people must always be on guard, but that should not hinder people from achieving their dream.

    Visible from the pictures here are the fine details of the mold and body shell created by our dedicated staff.
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    Thanks for the pics
    Can you please put a completed body on eBay
    One of us will buy it and once you have one delivered product you will get more orders

    But like I said , without the protections of eBay and paypal no one is going to send money to the Philippines

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    Salamat!! That's a nice kit. Can you tell me where in Manila? And pricing?

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