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Thread: New Kit available , uses a 1994 - 2012 Mustang as a donor !

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    Smile New Kit available , uses a 1994 - 2012 Mustang as a donor !

    Hey everyone ! I just wanted to introduce our Company and show you a new car offering. This car is built on a 2001 mustang gt platform, We took it to the good guys show in Pleasanton, Ca. about 2 weeks ago , and we got some very favorable comments.
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    mmmm well its different

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    I think the style is interesting but I dont like the "face"...if it were just a replica of the Morgan I think it would be amazing.

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    im not one to usually be rude but that is hell ugly alot of effort and skill but design isnt my taste at all

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Good luck with your adventure. Please give some examples of the building process. Please don’t let negative comments discourage you.

    How did you produce the logos on the trunk lid?
    I made one years ago by making a prototype out of plastic. Sending it to an outfit in Canada and had it cast and chrome plated. It was a long process but came out looking great.

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    I like it, the glass looks nice in the pics

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    Something different, Unusual .......

    Hello everyone , Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We started out in business building FFR Cobra replicas and built about 2 dozen before we got bored with all the work and having another cobra replica [ or 10 ] park right next to us at a car show or cruize. We tried some BMW z3 kits then tried some 355 kits , a few evoliusiones, some re-bodied thunderbirds styled as a 49 ford, and finally a few neo classics. In 2010 we were using a mustang GT as parts , engine, trans .... and we had it cut up pretty good. I took a look at the skeleton that was left and I got this design in my head. I started a rough design with some cardboard and some 2 part foam.The pictures I posted is what we came up with. It is an original design but takes styling cues from the Morgan, Volvo, Chrysler Atlantic and others. I know some people might think it is UGLY but I got the same response when i show the Morgan aero SS to people, They either hate it or love it. The car I have posted is called the Sabre and it handles like a dream, The entire front suspension has a race inspired set up with upper and lower unequal length control arm with Koni adjustable coil over shock. It is adjustable for ride height and also for firm or smooth ride. The wheel base has been lengthened by 14 " and has a more compliant ride on rough roads. You can check out our website at I will post some build pics later today. I posted here to see some comments and welcome them all. Thanks Jim

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    More pics

    Just a few more pics of the build

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    Really love the sylver!!nice car!!real craftsman ship! so cool to see how the design starts... just some boxes... some spraypaint drawings... add some fome and start shaping.... lovely...
    great work, great respect from my side...


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    dman 1409, Thanks for the comments ! It really is a labor intensive process, but it is one of the most interesting and rewarding projects that I have taken on since 1995 when we started in business. Thanks again Jim

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