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Thread: Random luxury car parts

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    Random luxury car parts

    Item for sale: See below
    Price: See below with photos/ everything OBO or tradable
    Condition: used
    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
    - Local pickup
    - Continental
    - All US
    - International

    Acceptable Means of Payment: pay pal/Money order/ Western union or money grams/ Direct Bank Deposit / Trades

    Name: Fuzzy
    Contact Information:

    2004+ Oem Porsche carrera front bumper
    2007 Eclipse rear bumper with overlap rear bodykit
    2000+ Maserati Fenders
    2000+ Maserati Headlight with broken tab
    2005 Audi S4 headlights
    2010? Lamborghini Gallardo spyder

    All items are used but in fair to excellent condition, I usually ship big pieces by greyhound. Prices are negotiable


    2004+ Oem Porsche carrera front bumper

    Few scraps and cuts nothing that cant be fixed. If doesn't sell by spring/summer i might just keep and use it myself to make a Frankenstein bumper for my 200sx.
    Price $250

    2007 OEM Eclipse rear bumper with overlap rear bodykit

    Used OEM Rear bumper with fiberglass overlay bodykit. Bodykit piece needs some cracks fixed but nothin bad. Stocker is bent but nothin a heat gun cant fix. Has usual wear and tear
    Price $150 together

    2000+ Maserati Fenders

    (Don't remember exact year)2000+ Fenders, I believe off a Grandsport or GranTurismo dont remember fur sure what model. I dont use ebay and i know EACH fender could go for up to 1k or more since these have minor dings in em.
    Price $800 for the pair

    2000+ Maserati Headlight matching color of fenders

    (Don't remember exact year)2000+ Headlight that match the fenders. Has a tab broken off it. Headlight is worth descent amount though. Lost other headlight.
    Price $400

    2005 Audi S4 headlights (pair)

    2005 Headlights (pair). Was gonna use the projectors to do a retrofit decided not to.
    Price $150

    2010 Lamborghini Gallardo spyder rear bumper

    Great condition rear bumper
    Price: $2000


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    photos of the maserati and audi headlights

    If interested in anything please email me for quicker response again everything is OBO and everything is OEM

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