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Thread: countach for sale Ontario Canada

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    countach for sale Ontario Canada

    1990 Lamborghini Countach : for sale my 1990 lamborghini countach replica
    this is an exact replica and is not like most kits out there.
    built around a stretched chassis with side reinforcements built in
    exact replica interior ,over 9k spent on interior to be exact replica
    compomotive rims ,v8 engine,5spd tranny, 3 rads in it like the real deal
    held motorsports supsension with adjustable coilovers and poly bushings throughout.
    alpine sound system with sub and remote poppers for the doors.
    lots of original parts used to make this exotic,eg.vitaloni mirrors,lights,emblems,gaugues,ashtray etc...
    over 50k invested and thousands of hours of labour
    you could not build one today for less than 50k
    built by one of the best builders out there.
    This car is exact and is turnkey and ready to be driven

    asking$35 000
    serious inquiries only

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    pics can be seen at or
    search ontario and lamborghini and you will see the pics

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    For people to lazy to search for it, here is the link right here:

    1990 countach replica - City of Toronto Cars For Sale - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada.

    Also car looks great !

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    It would break my heart to sell a car that beautiful.

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    heart breaking

    I know,but time, family life and too many other toys
    Hate to see it go but the next owner will love it

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    offers,,,, needs to go to a new home

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    I figured you would have that sold by now.

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    was on holidays and then cottage on the weekends.
    Get a life ,no I won't lower to your price.
    Stop posting dreamer.
    Don't worry you will be the first to know ,when I get 35k.
    I thought you would of bought a naerc by now with a v8 engine and mint
    and less than 28k .
    What's wrong Richard no cars that seem to exist in your world for your price????
    Keep dreaming dreamer

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    Well if a car is priced right it will sell in a week and the chances of you getting 35 are slim at best.You have it advertised everywhere and still not sold and you even posted offers so you know 35k isnt working. As for me i really dont care what i get mabe anothed boss 302 or c3 vette i tend to like those. And if a real lambo or f car pops up for a good price i will jump on it.

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