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    Fugazzi Cars

    Well I just visited his shop yesterday and he was nice enough to spare a few hours to show me everything. All I can say is "wow". His attention to detail is just awesome and he has a lot more in store soon such as an engine cover for the kit and even showed me some future projects too. This guy is making a name for himself in the kit car world. As soon as I walked in I saw the blue one in the front and after walking around it a dozen times and opening it all up and looking at it, you can really see the quality. Then he showed me the ones in the back in different stages. Needless to say I will be picking up my kit this week. Only good things to say, Matt is the real deal.

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    Yes, Mat is a great guy. The Bentley kit is the best I have seen. He will certainly be making a name for himself with it.

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