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Thread: Ferrari 308 GTS replica on 86 Fiero GT

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    Ferrari 308 GTS replica on 86 Fiero GT

    Ferrari 308 GTS constructed on a rust free 86 Fiero GT platform (124k miles). 2.8 V6 engine mated to a 4spd manual transmission. Bright red with a charcoal interior. All lights and emblems are true to the original and close attention was payed to detail. Lots of new, replaced and rebuilt items. New battery, spark plugs, plug wires, wheel adapters, steering wheel, seat upholstery, re-covered headliner in black vinyl. Suspension Techniques lowering springs. Replaced coil, ignition control module and starter. Rebuilt headlight motors. Power windows, Cruise control, Power 4 wheel disc brakes, A/C, CD player, power locks. Engine runs strong and smooth and the transmission shifts great. Clutch is very strong and doesn't slip at all. I believe in full disclosure so here are the known issues. The fuel gauge does not read correctly (a common Fiero problem). I use the mileage to gauge when to fuel up. The temp gauge doesn't move. It needs a new temp sending unit. As a result the check engine light will come on after long drives and shows a code 15 which is "low temp indicated". Its just computer saying replace the temp sender. The passenger side power window moves very slowly. It needs to have the mechanism cleaned and lubed. The A/C does not have a belt on the compressor. I have never put one on it and charged it up to see if it works. All of these issues are minor and do not effect the drivability or reliability of the car. The tires are 205/60/15 in front and 215/60/15 in the rear and have good tread left. The exhaust system is custom built and loud. Sounds great! I have put about 200 miles on the car since completion and this was my daily driver for about 2 years before doing the conversion. I have over 1000 hours of work and tons of money invested in this car and I would LOVE to keep it but I am getting married in a few months and have to sell this car to help pay for my fiance's dream wedding. So you gotta do what you gotta do. I have set the price at $8,500 cash. NO TRADES. I cant pay for a wedding with a trade

    Here is a video of the car

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    the car is still for sale? I'm interested.

    Hello my name is Marduk, I am interested in the car, it is still available, if you send me some information to my email if possible some pictures of the engine, interior, all, I am from Brazil if I want to bring here as is transportation, documentation for transport. and wanted to ask you if possible to put a lower value on the invoice of the vehicle because I paid about 80 percent of tax in Brazil on the value of the car is absurd in this country, how can we think it could work if possible? I will deposit the amount of money we talking? I'm waiting

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