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Thread: K1 Attack Interest

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    K1 Attack Interest

    Just wondering if there is any interest in a K1 attack its about 75% finished. Runs and drives, but since it was an incomplete kit it will need some body parts made. I've been considering a sale because I havent had time to finish it. key word is Considering!

    Here's a video:
    K1 Attack First Drive - YouTube

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    I remember back in the day when I used to love these cars but hated the fact it was honda powered now I wouldn't mind owning one even if its gotta a honda engine in it.

    What were you looking to get out of it?
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    Hi guys

    I'm in the process of doing a K1 build and have made many of the moulds..... What parts are u after????

    Ur right about the engine !!!! RS4 4.2 is the way to go :-) :-0

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    Attackbuilder I PM'd you.

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    I always loved the K1 Attack. It's a shame that the builder decided to stop making kits and only sell turnkeys now. It's one of the best looking original designs I've seen.

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    Could you post some pictures of its current condition,also an idea of price.i am very interested!!

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