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Thread: Replica Bentley Emblems for $60

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    Replica Bentley Emblems for $60

    I'm not selling them, just wanted to let any Bentley builders out there to know that I found a guy that can make replica Bentley emblems.

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    I've spoke with him and he can make any size for $60. Just putting it out there, wish I would have found him before I bought my emblems already. The rear was $150 and the front was $100 for used real ones. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallon View Post
    more like $75 +shipping since they hid like $5 extra in the shipping cost. for a small emblem lol.
    or is there a way to get for 60?
    I spoke with him over the phone and to do a rear emblem which is I believe 7 1/2" He said he would do for $60. Plus $10 for shipping. So it would be $70.

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    i think for the small price diff ur better off going second hand emblem than a replicated one

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    Get the originals

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    were they plastic or metal? i'm seeing oem on ebay for 200-250 each.

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