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Thread: WTB - Diablo Gt/GTR Rear Bumper, 6.0 Rad Grills + More Parts Asap

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    WTB - Diablo Gt/GTR Rear Bumper, 6.0 Rad Grills + More Parts Asap

    I have a roadster and I don't mind even adding in some 6.0 parts.

    Do you have any of the following or know where to get them?

    A/C Control
    Middle Console Switches
    6.0 Tail Lights (New)
    6.0 Rad Grills
    6.0 Rear Grill (between the taillights)
    Brake upgrade kit for 86 fiero?
    Diablo GT/GTR Rear Bumper
    Appropriate Wiper Blade with accessories ( I have the motor, Im not sure if it will work with your wiper)
    Driver Side Mirrow 'Viewing'. Passenger Side Mirror 'Viewing'.
    Floor Mat's (Lamborghini Logo Must Be In Blue or White)
    Diablo Door Sill Plates
    Hinges for hood and two trunks

    Thank you for the help.

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    Contact Cliff, I know that he has some of that stuff (body and hinges)
    Riceburner has the controller
    LIghts from ralleylights Susquehanna MotorSports - Auto Performance Product
    McMaster for the grill material

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    I have bunch of replica parts.....
    Some are listed on the web here Lambo OEM - Home and have sooo much more just let me know what you are looking for.

    Custom Products - Lambo OEM

    IFG spicific stuff
    IFG Products - Lambo OEM


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