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Thread: Spare Countach body for sale

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    Spare Countach body for sale

    I have a spare Countach body for sale. It is an American Fiberbodies brand and not a Fiero short body. It features Countach "low body" characteristics, like vertically shorter door panels & longer door sills as seen in the OEM LP400S bodies. There are a few cracks in the body filler & chipped paint. It is located in northeast Illinois, U.S.A. I am entertaining offers. I will also include the lids, a set of interior panels/seats with beige leather, plus:

    1x rusted deck lid hinge support frame (salvaged from a real 5000s Countach);
    2x radiator scoops;
    6x metal grills for the radiator scoops/area;
    6x replica stainless steel lower hinge brackets for the 3 lids;
    2x headlamp pods;
    1x non-OEM windshield;
    2x plexi-glass rear butt windows;
    2x flat glass rear butt windows;
    2x cheap plexi-glass turn signal bucket covers;
    1x Fiat X/19 rearview mirror;
    2x sealed low beam headlamps;
    2x sealed high beam headlamps;
    1x euro style front bumper;
    1x OEM black dual lid lever assembly for drivers side door jam;
    2x upgraded door hinges (door hinges are currently large bars);
    1x plastic gauge panel;
    6x OEM Countach gauge panel indicator lights;
    assorted used VDO gauges;
    2x OEM front turn signal lamps;
    2x generic headlamp motors;
    2x generic window motors;
    3x generic circle vents;
    2x Fiat X/19 center console vents;
    2x GM horns;
    1x OEM 5000s windshield trim frame;
    3x Fiat black latch pins;
    2x baby turbo mirrors;
    1x generic wiper motor;
    1x Maserati ash tray;
    1x trunk circle dome light;
    2x push-button door locks (same as LP400 & early 5000s) with key;
    2x door lock mechanisms, latches & strikers;
    2x sets of internal door lock levers, rods & brackets (functional, but need final install);
    1x new rear backup camera;
    1x front trunk badge;
    2x bertone side badges;
    1x "5000" badge;
    both doors contain flat glass;
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    nice good luck

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    4 be interested in the doors and both me with a quote

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    good luck with sale. that would be kick ass project for someone...,..

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    I'm VERY interested. I saw this on ebay. I'm trying to sell one of my cars to fund this project! I'll send a PM and arrange a contact.

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