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Thread: 2011 gallardo kit car for sale.

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    2011 gallardo kit car for sale.

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    Will it fool a girl ? Yes. Will it fool anyone who knows what a lambo looks like? No

    It's too inaccurate , and unfortunately it sits so low, damage like that is certain to re-occcur unless the car is babied or has an airlift system to help with city driving
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    Congrats on sale, kit isn't my favorite but I have seen them SELL for $30-40k, so whoever bought it got a steal.

    Hopefully my enzos a quick sale like this!

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    Glad you sold that thing x_O I mean yea it's cool looking and has a ton of modern craftsmanship but the donor was cooler looking too! I think Faux and Fill-up were here 3 years ago and they saw Alpina put a gallardo together - despite its inaccuracy; that one looked a million times more interesting (:

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    i want to buy this car 501 410 4922

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